Point4 is pleased to announce that Martin Smye-Rumsby has joined as the Project Manager for the European Space Agency (ESA) funded Vegetation Risk Management Demonstration Project.


With over 14 years aerospace and defence experience in a variety of demanding roles, Martin has worked on a breadth of challenging Defence change initiatives, ranging from a geospatial information technology system to a power station and more. He brings an enthusiasm for delivering reliable capability and a great User experience.

Wasting no time in getting started, Martin travelled to ECSAT at Harwell Campus on his first day with Point4 to meet with our ESA Technical Officer, Mr Gonzalo Martin de Mercado.

During the meeting, Mr Martin de Mercado reviewed Martin’s project management knowledge and experience. Further, the demanding reporting requirements necessary to meet ESA’s high standards were also discussed.

Martin said,

“I’m absolutely thrilled to join Point4 – to get the opportunity to work alongside ESA on such a cool project is fantastic. Although space is traditionally associated with rockets and astronauts, the data that can be collected by satellites are able to enhance the quality of life down here on planet Earth. Using Earth Observation data to help minimise the risk of electricity outages to our critical national infrastructure is a great example of the benefits that satellite data can bring to our everyday lives. It was a pleasure meeting Gonzalo today, I’m really looking forward to learning from him given his extensive project management experience in the space sector.”

Martin Smye-Rumsby (left) meeting Gonzalo Martin De Mercado (right) at ECSAT

Although immediately working on this ESA-funded project, Martin will also be leading on the delivery of other ambitious projects within the Point4 portfolio which seek to improve the capability of our industry-leading RiMiTTM solution.

Point4 is an experienced, specialist service provider that has developed a patented solution set from working in the field, contracting with the distribution network and understanding the key data required to manage trees effectively, cost efficiently, compliantly and safely.

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