Clear insight into complex risk

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Point4 is the UK leader in the effective and efficient mitigation of tree risk to critical infrastructure. We combine in-field expertise with patented, big data analysis to deliver practical end-to-end solutions that provide our customers with the decision support information they need to successfully manage their service availability.

Clear insight into complex risk

How we do this


The RiMiT solution and its constituent services can deliver significant cost savings of up to 50% of total tree management costs through greater operational efficiency, increased compliance and the reduction in regulatory fines.



Point4 has a mission to be the leading global provider of risk mitigation services to the global critical infrastructure sector.

We look to achieve this through our experience of being in the field practitioners who care that what we deliver as either a service or product has significant practical and meaningful benefits to our customers.

Data collection, analysis and presentation mean nothing if they can not be interpreted and used by risk managers; asset managers and in the field vegetation managers alike – along with considerable cost efficiencies.

Our services are designed to:

  • Value vegetation risk
  • Estimate the cost of mitigating risk
  • Give rapid turnaround of data analysis
  • Reduce airborne collection runs
  • Identification of critical and non critical encroachment of individual trees and spans
  • Predict growth of trees and potential encroachment to conductors
  • Provide a first class user interface for risk managers and field practitioners
  • Give full real time compliance audit
  • Offer enhanced in field safety provision
  • Develop utilisation of space assets to monitor ongoing risk
  • Reduce regulatory fines
  • Bring significant social impact benefits

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